Scarlet Page Client Gallery: Blog en-us (C) Scarlet Page 2021 (Scarlet Page Client Gallery) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:20:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:20:00 GMT Scarlet Page Client Gallery: Blog 120 68 Biker princess Working with Trudy Good on her next project was fun albeit very sweaty on the hottest day of the year!

Our model Amelia Isobella looked incredible in Bowen Dryden. Loving the contrast 'Soul of a princess, heart of a biker' 

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Claire Lim aka Wee Claire - international woman of many talents! Claire Lim is a freelancer who hosts videos and contributes to BBC The Social, an online platform from the BBC. She also currently writes for Fandom, and SFX and she is the host of REAL IMAGINED FUTURES, a podcast that discusses what happened to fictional characters after their stories ended.

When she is not geeking our on various online channels she can be found running a PR and social media marketing company called A Badge of Friendship with her partner Paul. They work with bands, comedians, brands, music labels and actors from across the globe.

Claire is indeed a multi plate spinning woman and it was a real pleasure to capture her energy in these new portraits.




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Sleep Fairy and Parent Rescue

Photographing the lovely Dee Booth was really fun, she brought with her a feather boa type scarf of dummies, hundreds of the plastic plugs that she has rescued from crying babies who haven't learnt how to self soothe and fall asleep contented without their mouth stuffed! We love this photo!

For more info about the Henley based Dee click here

Practical advice for sleep, eating and behaviour issues in babies, toddlers and children up to 11 years old.

Dee Booth and Sarah Quick are a team of parenting advisors who know that all children are different, so they will help find the solution that is suitable for you and your child.

Jessica Haywards is a maternity nurse who has joined the team to help ease new mothers into life with a little one, ideal following a cesarean, tricky birth or for mum’s who would like hands on help in the first few weeks.

Dee started working as “The Sleep Fairy” in 2009, having started working with children over 20 years ago. Since then, her methods have been so successful that she has trained and built up a small, select team of highly experienced “Sleep Fairies” to work with her, practicing Dee’s tried and tested techniques, so they all have the knowledge and understanding to help you and your child overcome:

  • sleeping problems
  • self-soothing trouble
  • night-time waking
  • difficulties settling to sleep
  • resettling through the night
  • feeding issues and weaning problem
  • tantrums and toddler taming
  • toilet training
  • the terrible twos
  • colic or babies that won’t stop crying
  • early rising
  • ditching the dummy
  • sleep, toilet training and eating problems/selective eating in children with ASD (autism)
  • Introduction of a floor bed (Montessori style sleeping) – a very gentle approach to sleep training! Ideal for those mums who won’t leave their baby to cry.

If you’re just looking for some general guidance as a parent, to avoid falling into bad habits, or to nip niggles in the bud, a Sleep Fairy session will give you the understanding and confidence you need.


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Intermediate DSLR course logocourselogocourse

Contact us for more information!! Limited availability B O O K  N O W!

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Thank you! It's is always so lovely to get feedback and to hear you have made people happy!

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Tigermoth Lighting  

We love taking professional headshots of local talent and were asked a few weeks ago to work with the incredible talent Harriet Daniels of Tigermoth Lighting

For many, the appeal of our lights lies in their juxtaposition of lightness and strength. Our design ethos reflects the background of Tigermoth founder Harriet Daniels, which fuses a lifelong love of interior design with a first career in blue-chip engineering.


Harriet doesn't usually love having her photograph taken but she was relaxed and very happy with the results so she told us.


Harriet Daniels Creator of Tigermoth Lighting


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New band photos Last week we had fun 'testing' in the studio with Matty from Reckless Intentions

We used some gels to get some inspiration for a new EP they are releasing.

Looks pretty cool to me!

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Head Shots I regularly take head shots for actors/actresses, business men/women and even for dating profiles.

A dear friend of mine's mother is Lin Blakley and I recently took some acting headshots for her. You may recognise Lin from Eastenders, she is an incredible lady. 

Lin Blakley Spotlight page

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Bluebells The beautiful bluebell woods, have you booked your shoot for April?

Limited availability during the Easter holidays, please email

Shoots start at £150 including two prints and digital downloads.

The Bluebell woods, South Oxfordshire.

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